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Monday, May 2, 2011

SAC B-52D Stratofortress

 One of the Gentlemen from M.R.S. Hobby Shop asked me to build him a model of the plane his Father flew. His father was assigned to the 28th bomb wing out of Ellsworth AFB when the B-52D’s where in service.

 This is the 1/72 Scale B-52 from Monogram. The kit now retails $43.99.
The kit is very old and needed a lot of seam work. I built it Out Of the Box. When I was gluing the model together I used Ambroid’s Proweld, This glue dries fast and hard. The one I tried an experiment I saw at the 1999 Gathering show. They took a gloss colored paint and rubbed in the SNJ aluminum powder to give it a metal look. I used Testors Gloss Black for the deep polished aluminum look. Once that was set (about 24 hours) I used testors Aluminum Plate 1401 and Stainless Steel 1402 for the metal colors. The gear bays, flaps and bomb bays are the testors yellow chromate. The decals are From the Golden Dragon Productions Line GDPD72008. Once the decals where done, I used Tamiya X-22 (tam81022) for my finish coat. I used an extra 28th Bomb Wing patch for this kit since it’s from the 28th Bomb wing. The GDPD72008 comes with the 92nd bomb wing Patch. The walkways are done with both black decal stripes and Testors flat black.
The underside of the model was done with Tamiya’s XF-2 Flat White.

When I finished this model I borrowed the model for the IPMS Meeting in Sept 2005. The model was the spotlight of the show. The gentlemen that produced the flyer for our club placed the model on the front page of the 2006 meeting schedule. I was pleasantly surprised.

 For an old Monogram model it still fits well with a little care.
This kit has a very good and accurate shape. I think with the Golden Dragon Productions B-52G or H conversion it will make a great Modern B-52.


  1. Great job. How many hours did you spend on making this model? What did you charge the customer to make this?

  2. The customer that build this model est time was 80 hours, the cost was work out between are customer and the build was not disclosed.
    to us a Hobby-on



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Steve, Sandy UT
"The help I received has been great they found the parts I needed for my scratch built model project. They had just the right electrical connector's I needed for the project. The service was great and I will not hesitate in the future to contact you for my model needs."

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